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Tuesday, Dec 12th
2 pm Berlin Time

90 min - live on Zoom

Join Mother Presence: Embodying Nurture & Connection

Embark on a soul-nourishing introduction to my 3 month course "Mother Circle - the journey of motherhood"

a 90-minute online class to explore the blueprint of embodied nourishing presence

Tuesday, Dec 12th, 2 pm Vienna Time

We'll explore the gentle art of being present with the whispers of our bodies and souls, focusing on the essence of nurturing presence and the celebration of the miraculous vessels that carry us through life.

We'll invite the innate wisdom held within our bodies. 

Through subtle movements and deep listening we create a space for inner exploration and growth.

Enjoy authentic connection within a supportive community. Share stories, witness one another, and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual's journey.

This class is open to all those curious about a deeper connection with themselves and others.

Whether you are a mother, daughter, or evolving on the beautiful spectrum of human life, your presence is cherished.

Join in co-creating a space of shared wisdom, compassion, and embodied insights.

I am looking forward to  this precious time with you!


We are taking the current patterns of connection deeper, and make them ceremonial and sacred.
We are practicing wisdom around birth and sex and money and worth, and living deeply from our values. And it’s touching every part of our lives, filtering into our work, our relationships and our mothering.
We are courageously navigating our rites of passage and bringing back the wisdom for our communities.
We know we are not meant to do this alone, and we know that concentric circles of mothers supporting mothers is the answer.

Together, we build MotherCulture.

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About your host Lisa Rombach

As a passionate pioneer, I dance in the realm of embodied relational wisdom, specializing within the expansive field of women's holistic health.

With my professonal experience spanning over 15 years of intimate work with groups and individuals, I am a seasoned practitioner in both tissue and nervous system work. My expertise lies in facilitating transformative journeys, empowering individuals to reclaim their life force and embody their authentic voices.

At the core of my practice is a deep commitment to intergenerational healing and harmonious development.

Rooted in the performing arts, somatic therapy, and authentic relating, my approach is a rich tapestry woven from many years as a Feldenkrais teacher, medical massage therapist, and eternal learner, including extensive studies with renowned jaguar queen Kimberly Ann Johnson.

My work extends beyond virtual spaces, inviting real-time connections where individuals gather on physical carpets, sharing tea and presence.

In a world marked by divisions, I offer retreats from ongoing disconnect, small opportunities to cultivate unity within and acknowledge the neglected, forgotten, and unloved aspects of our collective whole.

Vienna and Cascais are home to our family of four. 
We aim to live every day embodying the wisdom we impart to those seeking profound connection, transcending self-love, and organic systemic change.

Join me for reconnection with your essence and I'll be your compassionate and sometimes fierce companion on the path to embodied presence and relational wisdom.