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Embodied Presence & Relational Nurture for those who love to care for others


Hi, I'm Lisa, a somatic educator and fellow breather.

Here at Circle of Nurture, I lovingly craft spaces where you can practice to stay centered and alive in relationship.

Circle of Nurture offers playgrounds for personal growth, incentives for collective care processes and invitations to strengthen our capacity to stay connected to our essence while we connect with each other.

There is time for nervous system regulation, embodied relational attunement, the natural emergence of inner wisdom, and the sweet surrender to the transformative power of our collective intelligence.

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October 2023 - In person in Vienna

In a world that often feels divided, Circle of Nurture offer a sacred space for unity, connection, and personal growth.
Each Circle is a unique exploration of the transformative power of self-awareness, love, collaboration and co-regulation.

✨ Oct 7: "Speaking from our center" 🗣️
Discover the art of authentic expression as we ground ourselves in our core and learn to communicate from a place of deep presence.

✨ Oct 14: "Following the Flow" 🌊
Join me on a journey of surrender to the flow of life, where we embrace spontaneity, intuition, and the beauty of going with the current.

✨ Oct 21: "Beyond our rules" 🧩
Explore the expansiveness of breaking free from unconscious limitations and societal norms, as we delve into the world of bending patterns and opening new doors into connection.

Whether you're an experienced practitioner or just beginning your exploration of embodied presence, these Circles welcome all open hearts.

Language: Our languages of relating will be English and German

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