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Gorgeous Human! Goodness is coming our way.
In June and July these amazing humans will be joining me in inviting you to enjoy the gift that you are:
Lucy Rowett, Rabea Klatt, Melinda Várfi, Fabiola Romero and Jayne Jones.
Life can be good. This is proof enough for me.


Embodied Presence & Relational Nurture for those who love to care for others


Hi, so happy to welcome you!

I'm Lisa, a somatic educator and fellow breather.

At Circle of Nurture, I lovingly craft spaces where you can practice to stay centred and alive in relationship.

Circle of Nurture offers playgrounds for personal growth, incentives for collective care processes and invitations to strengthen our capacity to stay connected to our essence while we connect with each other.

There is time for nervous system regulation, embodied relational attunement, the natural emergence of inner wisdom, and the sweet surrender to the transformative power of our collective intelligence.

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Circle of Nurture Vienna

Vienna Studio OPEN SESSION

Circle of Nurture Vienna offers a sanctuary of mindful connection, where the wisdom of our bodies can speak and be heard.
These circles explores relationship in ways that allow us to stay connected with ourselves while we connect with others.


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Roda da Gentileza online


Este encontro oferece um santuário de conexão consciente, onde a sabedoria de nossos corpos pode falar e ser ouvida
Vamos explorar o relacionamento de forma a nos permitir permanecer conectados a nós mesmos enquanto nos conectamos uns com os outros.

Participe na Roda da Gentileza

Mother Presence online


This class is a space for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and others, exploring the foundations of nurturing presence.
Whether you are a mother, daughter, or in transition on the beautiful spectrum of human life, your presence is cherished.

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