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"The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives."

Esther Perel


If you want great relationships in your life, invest in living them inside you.


Lisa Rombach



Circle of Nurture offers a playground to develop your capacity to stay centered grounded while you live in relationship.

Staying centered, oriented and available with your heart and soul will allow you to bring your magic and compassion into the world with less sacrifice or effort. Welcome more love that flows in the world freely without a tail of guilt, remorse, bitterness or burn out.

Wether you're a care giver, space holder or creative, my attuned presence will support you to step into your authentic power by aligning your conscious and unconscious will.

This allows you to speak your truth with less effort and more impact, all while falling more deeply in love with your life.

Together, we bridge inner and outer worlds with curiosity, compassion, playfulness and patience.

As someone profoundly experienced in living and working around somatic alignment, I am your  compassionate companion in taking the next step closer to your essence. 

By nurturing authentic connection, we contribute to the healing of the wounded collective.

Together with amazing collaborators I'm bringing the vision to life to create more supportive spaces for those who care.

If you'd like to learn more about my background in Alé Duarte's Sintonizando method, Somatic Experiencing, the Feldenkrais method, structural body work, developmental coaching, Circling & Relatefulness and my career as a musician, please visit my website

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